A view of the Anniviers Valley from Sierre to Zinal

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Philippe Lorin shows Anniviers, its landscapes and villages, through wonderful watercolors and poetical descriptions.
« As soon as you leave the valley, the road winds upwards along gorges where the tumbling torrents of the summits, glimpsed in the distance through larch and fir-trees, rumble.  Carved into the rock, torn, metre after metre from the mountain-side, this road gradually guides the traveller towards Alpine pastures and peaks… The rock defends itself. The road tortures it, breaks it, swallows it, before finally dominating it.
The air becomes purer. Farm buildings appear on the hillsides. The slopes become gentler, the road wider. At last the sun rises… The multicoloured slopes oft he Anniviers Valley, which can be seen in all its beauty, quiver. » Philippe Lorin

By Philippe Lorin. Carnets Verts, 2002.